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The Flex-Flyers idea was first thought up as a toy for my four year old son.  After doing some research I decided to trademark the name and develop a strategy to produce and market my idea. The Flex-Flyers are part craft, part toy that  you assemble in just minutes.  All materials are included to create two Flex-Flyers. All you need is a pair of scissors or craft knife and a straight edge (adults help young children).
Over the years I have either been given toy airplanes or purchased them for myself or my kids. The one thing that I know is that they didn't last long. Many of the airplanes were those thin balsa wood planes that you wind up and use rubber bands.   The Balsa wood planes flew but they broke easily and didn't last long. Styrofoam gliders also broke easily and didn't really fly that great. The Flex-Flyers are light, very durable and are made to last.

In the near future I will start my adventure in production and marketing of my product.  I have taken small business classes and operated a small business in the past.  I am certain I am up to the task but I will still need to consult others to help my business grow.  I plan on marketing to retail craft stores, hobby shops, toy stores. I will be offering custom printed Flex Flyers to companies that advertise using  promotional giveaways. I also plan on offering a limited network marketing opportunity to those who are interested. I will need reps in every state. 

If you are interested in my product please don't hesitate to contact me.

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